Placement types

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Emergency Placements 

This is commonly known as same day placements (within 24 hours). Paramount Foster Care will accommodate 24/7, all year round emergency placements.   

Short break / respite placements 

These placements offer families, children and young people respite or a break from complex family dynamics. Well planned breaks may prevent disruptions to a placement or problems becoming too difficult to manage in the future. To support placement demands and needs, short breaks/respite will also be offered to our own foster carers.  

Short-Term Placements

This placement can last a few days, weeks or months. A child or young person in this placement may be awaiting a more permanent placement with a long term foster family, adoption, move back with birth parents or move to assigned Guardians. In such placements, Paramount Foster Care and its carers will prepare children/young people for this transition.    

Long-Term Placements  

This is where a child or young person is expected to remain in care until independence (usually 18 years). Paramount Foster Care will offer permanent placements for children and young people, where either adoption or rehabilitation to family is not an option. These placements will normally be provided by foster carers who have had experience as task-centered carers and have a good understanding of a child or young person’s long term developmental needs. Long term placements will provide support for a young person up to gaining independence and beyond.   

Sibling placements  

Sibling placements are placed together in the same foster care household. Paramount Foster Care recognises the importance of keeping families together, unless deemed inappropriate by the placing Authority. Paramount Foster Care will have carers that have been assessed in having the sufficient space and skills and qualities to accommodate this type of placement.   

Parent & Baby Placements  

Paramount Foster Care will offer placements for mothers and/or fathers and their child. These placements will be offered with carers who have experience and interest in providing support and guidance to parent/s and help them develop their parenting skills. Additional training will be provided for foster carers wishing to provide parent and baby placements due to the specific nature of their role.    

UASC Placements

Placements for Unaccompanied Asylum-seeking children (UASC). Every day, children and young people enter the UK seeking asylum. Separated from their families, exhausted from their long journey and often speaking little or no English, it can be an extremely frightening and overwhelming experience. Paramount Foster Care will offer placements for children and young people who are deemed to be unaccompanied asylum seekers and where their residency status within the UK is yet to be determined. The agency will provide additional training and for its foster carers on the religion, language and culture of UASC.  

Staying Put Arrangements

A Staying Put Arrangement enables young people to remain in their foster placement post 18 to support their transition into adulthood; similarly recognising that many young people in care experience delayed maturity and that their 18th birthday may not be an appropriate point to leave their former foster carer. Working in conjunction with Social Care, Paramount Foster Care will provide support to the foster carers in accommodating such requests.     

Matching children and young people with foster families 

Paramount Foster care will carefully match placements with foster families. We will not suggest a placement if the assessed needs of the child/young person cannot reasonably be provided by the prospective foster carers. The needs of any children or young people already in placement with foster carers will also be considered. Foster carers will ultimately have the final say on whether they feel they can meet the needs of the proposed placement.